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Finally a platform to simplify our entrepreneurial needs and give us access to our community in one place. As a platform by entrepreneurs for the benefit of entrepreneurs our site will be free for your use! Here we will offer you the tools and networks to help you on your journey in turning your vision into reality.

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A team integrated task management system

Team Integrated Task Management System

  • Facilitates intra and inter team (core team + third party partners) communication and collaboration on projects
  • Team integrated calendars
  • Easy filing, searching and collaboration on documents, files and other media formats
Community Forums

Community Forums

  • Facilitates platform-wide networking between the three main segments: entrepreneurs, experts, investors
  • Facilitates organization and shared forums for: entrepreneurs, experts, investor groups, events, communities, schools, incubators, accelerators, etc.
Extensive List
Extensive List
Extensive List

Our Network

  • Details of experts to help you move forward in your journey ranging from tech hardware suppliers, to lawyers, accountants, web developers, graphic designers, web/ app designers, etc.
  • Community rated experts will serve to ease your mind during your decision making process
  • Community reviews of experts will help you better understand who you are working with before you start spending time and money on them
  • The clear filtering and breakdown of a network of global investors and their specific industries of interest will greatly speed up and broaden investment opportunities
  • No limits on your networking with no hidden fees will allow you to use our vast global network as much as you need until you find the best partners for yourself
  • Find other entrepreneurs, working on similar projects or tools you could use to either collaborate with or to push your project forward
  • Have a better understanding and the tools to do up to date competitor research regarding other early stage companies in your industry, locally as well as internationally
  • If you’re an entrepreneur looking to join a team we will provide you with the network to find the right project for you
Job board

Job Board

  • Will allow you to post to hire freelancers, employees or to work with firms across industries
  • Allows the right people to reach out to you, opposed to you spending time looking for them
Team integrated customer relationship management system (CRM)

Team Integrated Community Relationship Management System (CRM)

To help you manage your new business relationships:

  • Manage your schedule with other members across the platform
  • Manage communications with platform members
  • Create private notes as well as team integrated notes for all of your contacts
Profile page
Profile page

Profile Page

  • Here you will detail the project you are working on: who is on your team, funding status, industry/ies, location of company, description of company, and any other media you think could be relevant, i.e. one-pagers, executive summary, video or photo of mvp, etc.
  • If you think you have something relevant but it is sensitive information you can restrict access to certain files on your page and whoever wants to see it must be accepted by you first.
  • This will help investors interested in your industry/ies to find you easily and any other potential partners that would be interested in collaborating with you
  • You will be able to present your credentials such as: education status, employment history, profile picture, certificates, etc. As well as any other sort of media that you think would help most accurately represent who you are to the other members of the platform.
  • Investors focus very much on the ‘who’ so it’ll help you raise money if you represent yourself the best you can.
Notifications center

Notifications Center

Will centralize and organize your notifications to help process your workflow along with the other benefits of the platform:

  • Team Notifications- posts, comments and replies from your work pages
  • Platform Notifications- messages, posts, etc. from forums and non-team members
  • Comms Manager Notifications- Manage requests for information you’ve restricted access to as well as communicate with those reaching out to learn more about your business

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