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We are building a platform to help you network and connect with relevant potential partners, as well as easily and transparently onboard you and your team members into their projects.

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A team integrated task management system

Team Integrated Task Management System

  • Facilitates intra and inter team (core team + third party partners) communication and collaboration on projects
  • Team integrated calendars
  • Easy filing, searching and collaboration on documents, files and other media formats, with both your team and your clients.
Community Forums

Community Forums

  • Facilitates platform-wide networking between the three main segments: entrepreneurs, experts, investors
  • Facilitates organization and shared forums for: expert groups, events, communities, schools, incubators, accelerators, etc.
Extensive List
Extensive List
Extensive List

Our Network

  • Your details along with other experts needed by the entrepreneurs will help you market yourself towards global and local entrepreneurs looking for you. You will be able to detail: your industry, description of what you do, your team, present community ratings reviews and anything else you think may be relevant in order to attract your clients.
  • The better your ratings and reviews are, the easier it will be for you to get more clients.
  • Our easy to use filter parameters for finding the right expert based on the entrepreneurs needs will help global and local clients find you (with no extra fees per client!).
  • Find start-ups working on projects or tools that you can offer your expertise to
  • Clear and easy filtering capabilities will allow you to seek out global and local projects that you want to be working on.
  • Find global investors through our platform who need your expertise.
  • Clear and easy filtering capabilities will allow you to seek out global and local investors that you would prefer working with.
Job board

Job Board

  • Will allow you to find the jobs directly related to your expertise via our intuitive filters
  • Will help you to be hired as a new employee, as a freelancer, or to receive another project for your firm
Team integrated customer relationship management system (CRM)

Team Integrated Community Relationship Management System (CRM)

To help you manage your new business relationships:

  • Manage your schedule with other members across the platform
  • Manage communications with platform members
  • Create private notes as well as team integrated notes for all of your contacts
Profile page
Profile page

Profile Page

  • Here you will detail your company: who is on your team, your industry/ies, location of company, description of company, and any other media you think could be relevant, i.e. other companies you’ve worked with, links to projects you’ve done before, etc.
  • If you think you have something relevant but it is sensitive information you can restrict access to certain files on your page and whoever wants to see it must be accepted by you first.
  • This will help entrepreneurs looking for your expertise to find you easily as well as any other potential partners that would be interested in collaborating with you.
  • You will be able to present your credentials such as: education status, employment history, profile picture, certificates, etc. As well as any other sort of media that you think would help most accurately represent who you are to the other members of the platform.
  • Entrepreneurs focus very much on the ‘who’ when trying to find the right hires, so it’ll help you find more jobs if you represent yourself the best you can.
Notifications center

Notifications Center

Will centralize and organize your notifications to help process your workflow along with the other benefits of the platform:

  • Team Notifications- posts, comments and replies from your work pages
  • Platform Notifications- messages, posts, etc. from forums and non-team members
  • Comms Manager Notifications- Manage requests for information you’ve restricted access to as well as communicate with those reaching out to learn more about your business
Other Platforms Charge You Extensive Fees, Per Client/Job
Not With Us!

Our goal is not to take from your hard earned success but to give you access to our global network of entrepreneurs and investors who need your know how and skills.

Our platform will start free for all, yet when we start charging you for our platform later, it will be a clear subscription fee that will grant you the freedom to work as much as you want, with no added fees for your added productivity. You will know ahead of time how much the time period costs you and no matter how much you use our platform for the month/year the price will remain the same! Simple!

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