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We are building a platform to democratize and streamline the global entrepreneurial investment market, for you. For individuals that lack international networks in entrepreneurial markets it’s nearly impossible to get a foot through the door without ambiguous and excessive subsequent middlemen fees

Our platform will initially be free, but when we begin to charge it will be an upfront clear monthly charge, allowing you to do as much networking as you please for the ahead of time agreed to price for the month/year.

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Exclusive extensive list of early stage Start-Ups

Exclusive Extensive List Of Early Stage Start-Ups

  • With a streamlined process of finding start-ups on our platform and what will be our extensive penetration into the early stage market you will always be a step ahead of any investors yet to join the platform
  • This will include the ability to have direct unfettered communication with entrepreneurial projects that fit your investment portfolio from all around the world
  • No fee per connection nor deal you make. One payment agreed ahead of time for everything you do for the agreed upon period of time, simple.
A centralized platform for Start-Up networking

A Centralized Platform For Start-Up Networking

  • We are bringing together an inter/intra team task management system to help you manage your workflows, start-up portfolio as well as your collaborations with other investors and entrepreneurs interested in working with you
  • Easily grow and onboard new global members to your investment team and workflows
  • Easily manage media, files and documents sent between you, your team members, as well as your portfolio of start-ups
  • Connect with a team integrated calendar facilitating greater workflow collaboration between team members, third party partners, and your portfolio of start-ups
Profile page
Profile page

Profile Page

  • If you are working with other investors, you can present your group of investors to the entrepreneurs of the platform
  • You will clarify what industries you are interested in, any other start-ups you are working with that you may want to mention, and any other successes in your teams career you believe will help you highlight the assets you are bringing to the table.
  • You will be able to give any information, clarifications as well as application material (that could be restricted to requested access), etc. Clarifying, simplifying, expediting your process to finding the right projects.
  • You will be able to present your investment range

All of this is meant to simplify finding yourself the right project for your investment

  • You will be able to present your credentials such as: education status, employment history, profile picture, certificates, etc. As well as any other sort of media that you think would help most accurately represent who you are to the other members of the platform.
  • Since you will be meeting entrepreneurs globally the more information you put about yourself, the more trustworthy you will seem and you will more likely connect with the right people.
Access to community forums

Access To Community Forums

  • Facilitates platform-wide networking between the three main segments: entrepreneurs, experts, investors
  • Facilitates organization and shared forums for: investor groups, events, communities, schools, incubators, accelerators, etc.
Access to an extensive list of investors

Access To An Extensive List Of Global Investors

  • A clear curated list of investors broken up by fields/industries of interests will allow you to network, connect and collaborate with other investors active in the same industries as you
Job board

Job Board

  • Will allow you to post to hire freelancers, employees or to work with firms across industries
  • Allows the right people to reach out to you, opposed to you spending time looking for them
Team integrated community relationship management system (CRM)

Team Integrated Community Relationship Management System (CRM)

To help you manage your new business relationships:

  • Manage your schedule with other members across the platform
  • Manage communications with platform members
  • Create private notes as well as team integrated notes for all of your contacts
Notifications center

Notifications Center

Will centralize and organize your notifications to help process your workflow along with the other benefits of the platform:

  • Team Notifications- posts, comments and replies from your work pages
  • Platform Notifications- messages, posts, etc. from forums and non-team members
  • Comms Manager Notifications- Manage requests for information you’ve restricted access to as well as communicate with those reaching out to learn more about your business

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